Ancient Past: Archaeology and Physical Anthropology

Ancient Past

Scholars of the ancient past like to say, “Bones never lie.” This is especially true in Israel, which is home to an extraordinary range of archaeological and anthropological artifacts. By combining cutting-edge methods with valuable finds from excavations around Israel, experts at Tel Aviv University study fundamental questions about human history and evolution, Biblical times, and modern populations. They have made numerous groundbreaking discoveries, such as the Misliya jaw, which set back modern humans’ migration out of Africa by 100,000 years. TAU also offers a comprehensive curriculum to both Israeli and international students who seek to understand the role Israel's past can play in its future through theoretical study and hands-on experience. Funding is needed to reinforce research infrastructure and to support talented students.


Donors who wish to help TAU make the next discovery that will rewrite human history should consider supporting its archaeology and physical anthropology research.


Naming Opportunities –  Archaeology and Physical Anthropology

  • Dan David Center for Human Evolution and Bio-history Research  FUNDED 
  • Masada Excavation and Research Fund (Other excavations also available)
  • International MA Program in Archaeology
  • Shmunis Family Anthropology Institute  FUNDED
  • Ancient Past Research Fund
  • Ancient Past Graduate Fellowship Fund

To support or receive more information about one of these projects, please contact your local TAU Friends Association or TAU’s Development and Public Affairs Division at +972-3-640-8249 or

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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