TAU Goes Active

TAU's Top On-Campus Fitness Facilities and Activities

29 May 2024

Want to get to classes easily and quickly while also improving your fitness? It's time to pump up those bike tires, adjust the seat height, oil the brakes and start pedaling, because Tel Aviv University is upgrading the cycling and sports experience for the campus community.


As of now, you'll be able to find around 400 bicycle and scooter parking spots scattered across campus, over 20 charging stations for electric rideable vehicles, and even a bike repair and tire inflation station near Gate 17.




Feeling parched from your ride? Take a sip of cool water from the refrigerated water fountains near Gate 17, Gate 7, Gate 14, and the Anu Museum.


Fix your bike and drink water


To arrive refreshed for class, you can use the central shower facility in the Recanati Building, which will be available to the entire campus community and operated by the Student Union (If you work in one of the following buildings—Porter Building, The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History, Check Point Building, the Jan Koum Center for Nanotechnology, Broadcom Building, or the new The Sylvan Adams Sports Center—you'll have access to designated employee showers).


During breaks between lectures and tutorials, or on your free period, you can head to the fitness station situated behind the Anu Museum, close to the pathway leading to the Life Sciences Faculty (by now, you've probably heard that exercise enhances focus and mood, backed by numerous studies).



To easily leave campus with your bike, you could use the two bike exit carousels at Gate 2 and Gate 4. Another carousel will soon be installed at Gate 7.


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