2012 TAU Honorary Degrees Awarded

Leading scientists, prominent academics, a pioneering judge, a devoted social activist, philanthropists and Israel's "national singer" were awarded TAU honorary doctorates at a gala ceremony opening at the 2012 Board of Governors.
27 November 2012

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The following ten exceptional individuals, from a diverse range of fields, professions and countries, received Tel Aviv University honorary doctorates at the June 7th Honorary Degrees Conferment Ceremony, held at TAU's Smolarz Auditorium:


Prof. Ronald Raphael Coifman, USA

Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Yale University, developer of a new generation of computational tools that have underpinned advances in computer science, electrical engineering physics and biology, particularly in harmonic analysis and in wavelet theory, holder of the United States National Medal of Science, promoter of scientific ties between Israel and the United States and with Tel Aviv University, including as a Sackler Distinguished Lecturer.


Yehoram Gaon, Israel  

Israel Prize laureate, iconic national singer, stage, cinema, radio and television artist for five decades, devotee of Israeli arts and culture and Jewish heritage, promoter of Hebrew song and dedicated reviver of Ladino music and poetry. 


Prof. Jörg Hacker , Germany  

President of the German National Academy of Sciences, internationally-renowned microbiologist and epidemiologist, trailblazer in the understanding of the genetic basis of bacterial disease, exemplary scientific leader and warm friend of State of Israel and Tel Aviv University, including his collaboration with the Sackler Institute of Advanced Studies.


Maureen Lipman, UK

Foremost British actress and comedienne for 45 years, Commander of the British Empire, cultural leader of the British Jewish community, philanthropist and supporter of numerous causes including in cancer research, advocate for the development of democracy in Burma and a staunch spokesperson for the State of Israel.


Miles S. Nadal, Canada

Accomplished entrepreneur, founder, chairman and CEO of MDC partners, one of the world's largest advertising holding companies, global business leader, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, engaged philanthropist and leader of social, educational and healthcare initiatives in Canada and Israel, Toronto Jewish community leader and supporter of technological entrepreneurship at Tel Aviv University.


Miki Nevo, Israel

Social visionary and activist, inspirational educational leader, founder of Ma'aseh – the Center for Young Volunteers in Israel's Periphery, and promoter of social equality, volunteerism, community values, leadership skills and intercultural dialogue.


Prof. Robert D. Putnam, USA

Professor of public policy at Harvard University, world-renowned social scientist and public intellectual, pioneering researcher in comparative political science, foreign policy and civic involvement, whose research has contributed significantly to governmental decision-making and public debate, and warm friend of the State of Israel and Tel Aviv University.


Judge Saviona Rotlevy (Ret.), Israel

Distinguished jurist and judge, advocate for social equality, staunch defender of children's and civil rights, co-founder of ELEM—Youth in Distress in Israel,  and mentor and educator to generations of child protection professionals, judges and scholars, as reflected in her partnership with Tel Aviv University in developing academic curricula in the field.


Helen Sarah Steyer, USA  

Noted Spanish-language specialist, translator and lecturer, major philanthropist both the San Francisco Bay area and in Israel, and staunch supporter of Tel Aviv University and its Board of Governors for two decades in the fields of cancer research, health professions and scholarship aid, carrying on a tradition established by her late father, Stanley Steyer.


Thomas Mark Steyer, USA  

Accomplished businessman, major philanthropist in Florida and his former home town of Caracas, Venezuela; committed Jewish community leader, and staunch supporter of Tel Aviv University and its Board of Governors for two decades in the fields of cancer research, health professions and scholarship aid, carrying on a tradition established by his late father, Stanley Steyer. 


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