Accessibility at Tel Aviv University

Ensuring equal access for all members of the TAU community

A guide dog being trained at the TAU campus
A guide dog being trained at the TAU campus

Tel Aviv University believes that all of its students and staff should be entitled to equal access to university facilities, resources and activities, regardless of physical, sensory or mental limitations and disabilities. TAU strives to provide a safe and welcoming environment for people with disabilities and makes accessibility a priority in designing and upgrading the TAU campus.


In 2009 the first research group on disability studies in Israel was established at the Van Leer Institute, led by senior TAU professors Dr. Nissim Mizrahi and Dr. Neta Ziv, and in 2010 the first academic convention on disability studies in Israel (and the Middle East) was held at Tel Aviv University.


Ensuring equal access

Tel Aviv University recognizes many different forms of disability and strives to accommodate the needs of every member of its community. Currently recognized forms of disability include:


  • Sensory (visual/auditory)
  • Motor/orthopedic
  • Psychiatric
  • Chronic illnesses
  • Learning disabilities


All TAU buildings are currently wheelchair accessible and the overwhelming majority are equipped with elevators. Some classrooms and lecture halls contain designated spaces for wheelchairs and in the rest space is allocated by TAU staff upon request. In 2012 TAU will be conducting an Accessibility Survey, with the help of the Israel Accessibility Association, to assess the existing needs of the student body and staff and prepare a strategic, long-term plan to improve existing infrastructure to accommodate all members of the TAU community.


Reaching out to prospective students

Tel Aviv University is currently in the final stages of establishing an 18-month pre-academic preparatory program for students with disabilities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Services and the National Insurance Institute. The program will have two stages; during the first, students will enjoy separate instruction and classes meant to prepare them for the challenges of fulltime academia, and during the second, students will join existing classes, as well as receive supplementary lessons and tutoring.


Offering support, assistance and encouragement

Tel Aviv University has charged the Dean of Students with ensuring the welfare of students with disabilities. The Dean of Students' office currently provides support and academic assistance to students with disabilities through sponsorships, counseling services and technological study aids.


For additional information please contact Anat Koren-Dror, the Accessibility coordinator, at


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