The Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in Chemistry

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Announcement of Laureates - 2022


The Raymond and Beverly Sackler International Prize in the Physical Sciences, awarded at Tel Aviv University, was established through the generosity of Dr. Raymond and Mrs. Beverly Sackler. The prize is awarded alternatively in the fields of Chemistry and Physics, and is intended to encourage dedication to science, originality and excellence by rewarding outstanding young scientists, under 45 years of age. 


This year an amount of $100,000 will be presented in the field of Chemistry, in the subject of Physical Chemistry for Biomedical Sciences.


Tel Aviv University is proud to announce that the 2022 Raymond and Beverly Sackler Prize in the Physical Sciences for Chemistry will be awarded to two excellent researchers:


Prof. Adam E. Cohen

Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, and Physics, Harvard University


Prof. Cohen is a prolific scientist who made impactful and groundbreaking inventions in several fields of science. He developed a number of models and technologies that revolutionized the understanding of the optical and chiral properties of molecules and cells. Prof. Cohen also developed innovative sensors for his bioelectrical research that are applied in the development and engineering of living tissues.


In his research, Prof. Cohen greatly expanded the scientific understanding of various problems in the biology and physics of living cells.




Prof. Bozhi Tian

Department of Chemistry, University of Chicago


Prof. Tian is a leading and creative scientist in the field of bioelectricity: detection and modulation by novel nano (hybrid) materials and devices. He also developed several unique applications in regenerative medicine. His research opened a new era in the field of intracellular electrophysiology and today, thanks to these research developments, it is possible to record the electrical potential of neural, cardiac and vascular tissues in 3D.


In his research, Prof. Tian developed tissue-like composite materials for application in bioelectricity and robotics. He managed to create and demonstrate novel systems of living materials where bacterial cells are non-genetically manipulated to become therapeutics and to provide cleaning abilities.




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