Ramot, the Technology Transfer Arm of Tel Aviv University

From the lab to the factory

From darkness to light - Ramot transforms groundbreaking TAU research into everyday products

When most people ask a clerk at the supermarket to swipe a bottle of mouthwash through a barcode scanner or when they insert their newly bought memory card into a digital camera, most of them probably have no idea that barcode scanners, bacteria-destroying mouthwash and memory cards are just a few of the everyday, common items originally developed by Tel Aviv University researchers. These products made their way from patents to commercial products thanks to Ramot at Tel Aviv University Ltd., Tel Aviv University's technology transfer company.


Ramot – from the lab to the marketplace

From the invention and patent protection stage to the licensing of commercial entities, Ramot, initiates, assists and oversees the process of transferring new scientific and technological discoveries from TAU labs to the assembly line of commercial manufacturing.


Both the industry and the venture capital sector have chosen Ramot as an exclusive partner, thanks to its ability to act as an effective and efficient interface, connecting cutting edge scientific innovation at Tel Aviv University with the  the commercial marketplace.  Ramot  offers creative solutions to its business partners while encouraging Tel Aviv University's researchers to broaden their horizons and go beyond the boundaries of ordinary science.


So far these collaborations have produced 65 start-up companies and the registration of over 70 patents a year. About 300 additional patents are currently commercially available while awaiting the finalization of the patenting process. Dry eye therapy with Tubilux® Pharma, Circadin, a treatment for sleeping disorders with Neurim Pharmaceuticals Blistex® Inc., improved flash memory with SanDisk and others have proven that the industry can benefit greatly from the talent pool Tel Aviv University has to offer, and that rigorous research and out-of-the-box thinking can create a product that answers a consumer's everyday needs.


Watch CEO Shlomo Nimrodi talk to Bloomberg TV about the latest innovations Ramot is bringing into the market.


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