Prof. Amiram Raviv

ביה"ס למדעי הפסיכולוגיה אמריטוס
Prof. Amiram Raviv
Fax: 03-5343631
Office: Sharett - Educational Sciences

Short Biography

Amiram Raviv, Ph.D. (1974, Psychology, Hebrew University in Jerusalem). Prof. Raviv is a school and clinical psychologist at Tel Aviv University, and has served as Head of the Psychology Department. He has published over 100 articles and chapters and has co-edited and written four books. In addition to theoretical research, Prof. Raviv is active in various areas of primary prevention, and has consulted on a number of children's books and parenting websites. He has also written and consulted in the preparation of numerous enrichment programs for toddlers and kindergarten-aged children, as well as guidance literature for parents, for a total of about 20 books and 3 book series. Finally, Prof. Raviv has worked as a professional consultant to and participant in numerous television and radio programs involving psychological counseling. 

Fields of Interest

Coping strategies and children's reaction to stress and crisis situations (for example, exposure to violence);
School psychology, including the range of problems concerning children in school and preschool settings;
Children's cognitive development;
Mental health help-seeking behavior;
Psychological counseling via electronic and print media;
Social cognition. for example the development of societal beliefs in the context of the Arab-Jewish conflict (in collaboration with Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal.) 

Selected publications

Raviv, A., Sharvit, K., Alona Raviv, & Rosenblat-Stein, V.(2009). Mothers' and Fathers' Reluctance to Seek Psychological Help for their Children. Journal of Child and Family studies. 18,151-710.

Raviv, A., Raviv Alona, Vago-Gefen, I., & Schachter- Fink, A. (2009). The personal service gap: Factors affecting adolescents' willingness to seek help. Journal of Adolescence. 32, 483-499.

Raviv, A., Zeira, M., & Sharvit, K. (2007). Community Psychology in Israel. In S. Reich, M. Riemer, I. Prilleltensky, & M. Montero (Eds.), International community psychology: history and theories (pp. 335-349). Secaucus, NJ: Springer.

Raviv, A., Raviv, A., Propper, A., & Schachter Fink, A. (2003). Mothers Attitudes Toward Seeking Help for Their Children From School and Private Psychologists. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice. 34(1), 95-101.

Raviv, A., Raviv, A., Edelstein Dolev, Y., & Silberstein, O. (2003). The Gap Between Mother's Seeking Psychological Help for Her Child and for A Friend's Child. International Journal of Behavioral Development. 27(4), 329-337. 

Raviv, A., Bar-Tal, D., Raviv, A., Biran, B., & Sela, Z. (2003). Teachers' Epistemic Authorities: Perceptions of Students and Teachers. Social Psychology of Education. 6(1), 17-42.

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