Prof. Ester Einhorn

Coller School of Management
הפקולטה לניהול ע"ש קולר סגל אקדמי בכיר
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Prof. Ester Einhorn
Phone: 03-6408506
Fax: 03-6407738
Office: Recanati - Business Administration, 307

Research Fields

Information Economics, Information in Financial Markets, Financial Accounting and Reporting



"The nature of the interaction between mandatory and voluntary disclosures", 2005, Journal of Accounting Research 43 (4): 593-621.


"Voluntary disclosure under uncertainty about the reporting objective", 2007, Journal of Accounting and Economics 43 (2-3): 245-274.


"Unbalanced information and the interaction between information acquisition, operating activities and voluntary disclosure", co-authored with Amir Ziv, 2007, The Accounting Review 82 (5): 1171-1194.


"Inter-temporal dynamics of corporate voluntary disclosures", co-authored with Amir Ziv, 2008, Journal of Accounting Research 46 (3): 567-589.


"Biased voluntary disclosure", co-authored with Amir Ziv, 2012, Review of Accounting Studies 17 (4): 420-442.


"Extracting sustainable earnings from profit margins", co-authored with Eli Amir and Itay Kama, 2013, European Accounting Review, 22 (4): 685-718.


 "The role of disaggregated accounting data in detecting and suppressing earnings management ", co-authored with Eli Amir and Itay Kama, 2014, Review of Accounting Studies 19 (1): 43-68.


 "Under-weighting of private information by top analysts", co-authored with Gil Aharoni and Qi Zeng, 2017, Journal of Accounting Research, 55 (3): 551-590.


 "Cross-firm real earnings management", co-authored with Nisan Langberg and Tsahi Versano, 2018, Journal of Accounting Research 56 (3): 883-911.


"Competing information sources", 2018, The Accounting Review 93 (4): 151-176.

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