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Prof. Rachel Cinamon Gali
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Office: Sharett - Educational Sciences


Selected Publications

Al-Yagon, M., & Cinamon, R. G. (2008). Work-family relations among mothers of children with learning disabilities. European Journal of Learning                       Disabilities, 23, 91-107.

Cinamon, R. G., Most, T., & Michael, R. (2008). Role salience and anticipated work-family relations among young adults with and without hearing                            impairment. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 13, 351-361.

Dan, O., & Cinamon, R. G.  (2008). Parent’s attitudes toward career education in kinder garden. The Educational Counselor, 15, 180-192.  (Hebrew)

Most, T., Weisel, A., & Cinamon, R. G. (2008). Is speech intelligibility of deaf and hard of hearing people a barrier for occupational competence?                               JADAR, 42, 8-24.

Cinamon, R. G., & Hasson, I. (2009). Facing the Future: Barriers and Resources in Work and Family Plans of At-Risk Israeli Youths. Youth and                             Society, 40, 502-525.

Lent, R. W., Cinamon, R. G., Bryan, N. A., Jezzi, M. M., Martin, H. M., & Lim, R. (2009). Perceived sources of change in trainees’ self-efficacy                               beliefs. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training, 46, 317-327.

Cinamon, R. G. (2009). Role salience, social support, and work-family conflict among Jewish and Arab Female Teachers in Israel. Journal of Career                          Development, 36, 139-158.

Cinamon, R. G.  (2010). Anticipated Work-Family Conflict: Effects of Role Salience and Self-Efficacy. British Journal of Guidance and Counseling,                        38, 83-99.

Cinamon, R. G., & Rich, Y. (2010). Work family relations: Antecedents and outcomes. Journal of Career Assessment, 18, 59-70.

Cinamon, R. G., &  Dan, O. (2010). Parents attitudes toward career education in kindergarten- A mixed method study.  Journal of Career                                           Development, 37, 519-540. 

Flum, H., & Cinamon, R. G. (2011). Immigration and the interplay among citizenship, identity and career: The case of Ethiopian immigration to Israel.                     Journal of  Vocational Behavior, 78, 372-380.

Adi-Ben said, L., Michael, R., Most. T., & Cinamon, R. G. (2012). Parental and Spousal Self-Efficacy of Young Adults Who Are Deaf or Hard of                               Hearing: Relationship to Speech Intelligibility. The Volta Review, 112(2), 113-130.

Michael, R., Most, T., & Cinamon, R. G. (2013). The contribution of perceived parental support to the career self-Efficacy of deaf, hard-of- hearing,                         and hearing adolescents. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 18(3), 329-343.

Cinamon, R. G., & Rich, Y. (2014).Work and family plans among at risk Israeli adolescents - A mix methods study.  Journal of Career Development,                       41, 163-184.

O'Brien, K. M., Ganginis Del Pino, H. V., Yoo, S., Cinamon, R. G. & Han, Y. (2014).Work, family, support and depression: Employed mothers in                              Israel, Korea and the United States. Journal of Counseling Psychology, 61(3), 461-472.

Gross, M., Brown, D., & Cinamon, R. G. (2014).The special expression of work-family relations among people with learning disabilities and their                            families. The Educational Counselor, 18, 174-190.  (Hebrew).

Whiston, S., & Cinamon, R. G. (2015). The Work-family interface:Integrating research and practice. Career Development Quarterly, 63(1), 44-56.

Michael, R., Cinamon, R. G., & Most, T. (2015). Career-related parental support of adolescents with hearing loss: Relationships with parents’                                    expectations and occupational status. American Annals of the Deaf, 160(1), 60–72.

Brown, D., & Cinamon, R. G. (2016). Choosing a High School Major – An Important Stage in    the Career Development of Israeli Adolescents.                             Journal of Career Assessment, 23, 630-644.

Brown, D., & Cinamon, R. G. (2016). Contribution of personality to self-efficacy and outcomes expectations in selecting a high school major among                     adolescents with learning disabilities. Career Development and Transition for Exceptional Individuals, 39, 237-248.

Cinamon, R. G., Habayib, H., & Ziv, M. (2016). The meaning of work and studies among Israeli Arab women studying Early Childhood Education.                         International Journal of Educational Research. 76, 129-140.

Michael, R., Cinamon, R. G., & Most, T. (2016). What Shapes Adolescents' Future Perceptions? The effects of hearing loss, social affiliation, and                          career self-Efficacy. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 20(4), 399-407.

Cinamon, R. G. (2016). Integrating work and study among young adults: Testing an empirical  model. Journal of  Career Assesment, 24(3), 527-542.  

Michael, R., Kim, T., Hutchison, A., Cinamon, R. G., Gerstein, L. H., Park, J. & Collins, R. (2016). US and Israeli young women’s future                                        perceptions. International Journal for Educational and Vocational Guidance, 1-21.

Chapters in Books

Cinamon, R. G., & Rich, Y. (2010). Lo sviluppo professionale dei giovani a rischio (Career development of at-risk youth). In S. Soresi e L. Nota                          (Eds.), Sfide enuovi orizzonti per l'orientamento. Vol. 2. Diversità, sviluppo professionale, lavoro e servizi territoriali (New challenges for                     vocational guidance. Vol. 2. Diversity, career development, work and social/health services). Firenze: Giunti O.S. Organizzazioni Speciali                       (pp. 161-172).

Michael, R., Most, T., & Cinamon, R. G. (2011). Self-efficacy in the management of anticipated work-family conflict as a resilience factor among                        young adults with hearing impairments. In D. H. Zand., & K. J. Pierce (Eds.). Resilience in deaf children: Adaptation through emerging                       adulthood, New York, NY, US: Springer Science (pp. 341-357).

Cinamon, R. C., & Flum, H. (2012). Clarifications of work and family values: A basis for better role-blending. In M. Pope, L. Y. Flores, and P. J.                         Rottinghaus  (Eds.). The Role of Values in Careers. Information Age Publishing. (pp. 151-166).

Flum, H., & Cinamon, R. G. (2012). An interdisciplinary view of social constructionist vocational psychology. In P. McIlveen, & D. E. Schultheiss                     (Eds.). Social Constructivism in Vocational Psychology and Career Development (pp. 45-57). Sense Publishers.

Puertas, A., Cinamon, R.G., Neault, R., Pope, M., & Rossier, J. (2012) Career development for diverse and underserved populations. In J. Trusty (Ed.),              The 2010 NCDA-IAEVG-SVP International Symposium: Bridging International Perspectives of Career Development (pp. 33-46). Broken                 Arrow, OK: National Career Development Association.

Cinamon, R. G. (2014). Theoretical and practical aspects in the career development of youth with special needs. In Most, T. and Ringwald-Frimerman,               D.  (Eds.), Rehabilitation and Education of hard of hearing and deaf children and adolescents: theoretical and practical implications (pp.               384-411). Tel Aviv: Mofet. (Hebrew).

Cinamon, R.G. (2015).  “The Synergy Project": A Group Career Counseling Intervention to Enhance Work-Family Management. In Hartung, Paul J.                (Ed); Savickas, Mark L. (Ed); Walsh, W. Bruce (Ed), (2015). APA handbook of career intervention, Volume 2: Applications. APA handbooks in             psychology. (pp. 413-425). Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association.

Cinamon, R. G. (In press). Exploration process and Future Plans of Arabs and Jewish Israeli Young Adults- Implications for Career Interventions. In                Career Education and Guidance in the Mediterranean Region. (pp. xx-xx). Sense Publishers.

Cinamon, R. G. (In press). The challenge of career counseling and guidance for adolescents and young adults in areas of global migration and                            multicultural societies - the case of Israeli Arabs. In L. Note et al. (Eds.) Counseling and coaching in time of crisis and transitions: From                          research to practice. (pp. xx-xx). Oxford, UK: Routledge Publishers


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