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  • A Message from the Rector - Prof. Yaron Oz

    Tel Aviv University is the largest research university, with the largest variety of multidisciplinary activities in Israel.  The University enjoys an eminent reputation and prestige throughout the world, with regard to the high level of research conducted within its campus and the excellent standard of teaching that characterizes it.


    The University places great importance on its academic excellence in all spheres. It is a leader in academic activities, quality of teaching and research – in life sciences and medicine, exact sciences, engineering, social science, law, management, education and the arts.


    The University is committed to advancing multi-disciplinary research, development and implementation of innovative teaching methods. Its main goal is to educate and train the next generation of scientists and humanities, doctors, jurists, engineers, economists, musicians. The wide range in areas of teaching and research offered at the University accommodates programs both disciplinary and interdisciplinary in nature. The studies are closely linked to the avenues of research conducted therein, and are performed at the highest possible standard by lecturers who are leading researchers in their field in Israel and the world.


    The main educational tenet of the university is developing the capacity for research investigation, directing independent skills and critical creativity that contribute to the emergence of ground -breaking developments and innovations that foster leadership skills and have a sustainable impact at the national and international level.


    Tel Aviv University offers first, second and third degrees, and diplomas in numerous subjects. The studies are particularly challenging and therefore it is a great honor to be numbered amongst Tel Aviv University’s graduates and authorized body. We accept enrollments from only the best students, and our graduates are to be found in leading positions throughout the country and the world. The students, the next generation of researchers, the inventors, the teachers and leaders are the Tel Aviv University’s most important asset; they are constantly engaged in the relentless effort aimed at the fulfillment of our growth and potential.


    The University represents the source of educational inspiration to the younger generation that has grown up in Israel, and is the aspired designation for outstanding youth in all parts of the country. The University, in response to the needs of its students and the community at large,  also encourages social activities and strives to achieve close ties with the wider community –encouraging its students to promote social activities amongst the needy sectors of society , and absorbing talented students from the periphery.


    Tel Aviv University has established cooperative endeavors with international partners in research and teaching, and in recent years has established cross-institutional cooperation with India and China. This has been expressed in the growth in the number of students and post-doctoral researchers from abroad engaged in studies and research activities at the University. Above all, the focus of the University is on developing and reinforcing areas of entrepreneurship and cooperation with industry both in Israel and abroad.


    In essence, the advancement and dissemination of knowledge by the University generate and stimulate the spirit in the country and expand its scientific and artistic horizons. The positive influence of the University is seen through the variety of cultural events, lectures and symposia on all topics: literature, philosophy, history, Judaism, history of art, medicine, humanities etc; performances of departments of art and theater, films produced by students of the School of Film and Television, and concerts performed by students and teachers at the Buchmann- Mehta School of Music


    The University is therefore a community, composed of faculty, management, technicians and students, and its impressive achievements are the outcome of the vision and collective contribution of its population. 

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