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  • A Message from the Rector - Prof. Yaron Oz

    Tel Aviv University is the largest and most diversified research university in Israel. The University takes pride in the high-quality of its teaching and research activities, in the life sciences and medicine, in the exact sciences and engineering, the social sciences, law, management, the humanities, in education and the arts. The University's mandate is to prepare the next generation of scientists and humanists, physicians, attorneys, engineers, musicians and others. The diversity of Tel Aviv University's instruction and research areas enable studies within the various disciplines as well as in interdisciplinary programs.


    Tel Aviv University offers bachelor, masters and doctoral degrees, as well as diploma studies in several subjects.


    Tel Aviv University attaches supreme importance to academic excellence in all fields. University studies are research-supported. The University is proud of its achievements in research, and the international standing of its faculty members. TAU does and will continue to do its best to foster research at the highest possible level.


    Aside from teaching and research, the University places emphasis on social responsibility in two ways: encouraging its students to perform community service among populations in need, and the enrolment of outstanding students from Israel's peripheral areas.


    Tel Aviv University does its utmost to increase the number of scholarships at its disposal in order to make it easier for a large number of students not only to attend class, but to devote most of their time to studying. The University invests time and resources to improve the services it offers its students, not least to provide them with a pleasant atmosphere and an attentive ear.


    Additionally, the University sponsors a variety of cultural events: Lectures and conferences in all fields, such as literature, history, philosophy, Jewish studies, art history, medicine, the life sciences and more; plays produced by the Theater Department, student films from the Department of Film and Television, concerts played by teachers and students from the Buchman-Mehta School of Music.


    Tel Aviv University is a multi-faceted community comprising academic, administrative and technical staffs, and the students. The University's quality and its standards derive from the joint contributions from all its populations. We take pride in the warm and cooperative relationships that exist between all of Tel Aviv University's various constituents.

    Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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