Sustainable Planet

Executive Summary



Climate change and other environmental developments are rapidly damaging our planet. Protecting the environment is not a cause or goodwill endeavor: it is an imperative.


TAU’s Record:

  • Produces alternative energy sources, i.e. algae, solar
  • Conducts critical research on climate change
  • Has the largest natural history museum in Middle East, the only one in a university
  • Educates tens of thousands of Israelis each year – including schoolchildren– on nature conservation via Botanic Garden, Zoological Garden and now the Museum
  • Is at the forefront of sustainable agriculture and crop yield improvement
  • Reintroduced six endangered animal species back into nature


Latest Exciting Research:

Natural History: A team led by Prof. Israel Hershkovitz, Anthropology, is using DNA analysis on rare human bone remains to study disease, climate change and nutrition from ancient times until today.

Smart Transportation: Prof. Michal Tzur, Industrial Engineering & Food Security, uses math to solve gnarly logistics problems of getting emergency supplies or donated food to where it needs to go, quickly and equitably.

Renewable Energy: Dr. Alex Golberg, Environmental Studies, is building a pilot bio-refinery in the Mediterranean for transforming seaweed into fuel and food  protein.

Agriculture: Dr. Assaf Distelfeld, Plant Sciences, is the first in the world to crack the wild wheat genome, making possible the identification of genes that will make cultivated wheat more disease resistant, nutritious and adaptable to climate change.


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