An Investment in Israel’s Future: Scholarships

The gift of a TAU scholarship is a gift to the future of Israel itself.


TAU students are tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. They ensure that Israel will continue to thrive in science, technology, medicine, arts and culture. By the time they start academic studies, most Israeli students are older, have completed military service and must support themselves and often families as well. Scholarships allow them not only to survive financially but to excel in their studies.  This is especially true for students from underrepresented groups and Israel’s periphery.


Tel Aviv University strives to admit every student meeting its stringent academic requirements because no student should miss out on higher education because of lack of resources, financial or otherwise. TAU offers a wide range of scholarship donor opportunities, ranging from merit scholarships to graduate fellowships for students who show promise in advancing their fields. Additionally, donors can support need-based funds offering holistic social and academic support in addition to covering University tuition and living expenses for specific groups such as low-income, periphery, minority, disabled and single-parent students.


Donors who want to invest in Israel’s future should support scholarships at TAU and thus provide a lifeline to those young people who will conceive Israel’s next big ideas.




  • Doctoral Fellowship Fund for Arab Students: FUNDED
  • Master and Doctoral Fellowship Fund
  • Lone Soldiers and Combat Reservists Scholarship Fund
  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship Fund
  • Trailblazers: Scholarship Fund for Ultra-Orthodox Students
  • Need-based Scholarship Fund


To support or receive more information about one of these projects, please contact your local TAU Friends Association or TAU’s Development and Public Affairs Division at +972-3-640-8249 or

Tel Aviv University, P.O. Box 39040, Tel Aviv 6997801, Israel
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