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Executive Summary



As a small, struggling country, Israel had to be inventive and stretch limited resources. Today, Israel is known as an innovation powerhouse.

Nothing represents this spirit of creativity, resourcefulness and inventiveness more than Tel Aviv University. But this is only the start.


TAU’s Record:

  • Graduates rank 9th for producing VC-backed companies (PitchBook)
  • 50% of Israel’s entrepreneurs are TAU graduates
  • 10th outside of the US for US patents (National Academy of Inventors and Intellectual Property Owners Association 2016 report)
  • Among top 30 Business Schools (Eduniversal)
  • Among top 100 Innovation universities (Reuters)


Latest Exciting Research:

Business: Dr. Dino Levy, Management & Neuroscience, uses EEG and other brain measurements to reveal the physiological basis of consumer choices – knowledge that could guide future product designs and marketing methods.

Defense: Prof. Yossi Yovel, Zoology, studies bat sonar abilities for applications in robots and drones; now the Israeli military is interested in the idea for navigating through unknown   environments.

Medicine: Prof. Tal Dvir, Microbiology, Materials Science & Nano, is developing smart biomaterials for eventual 3D printing of human heart, brain and spinal cord tissue.

Nano-optics: Prof. Tal Ellenbogen, Electrical Engineering, is pioneering real ‘bionic vision’ – a new class of contact lenses that could enhance vision beyond its natural ability as well as correct visual disorders.


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To support or receive more information about one of these projects, please contact your local TAU Friends Association or TAU’s Development and Public Affairs Division at +972-3-640-8249 or



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