3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution

3D Printing

Following the industrial and digital revolutions, 3D printing (3DP) will be the next technology to change the world. A futuristic manufacturing method, 3DP automatically creates objects based on three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) models, from human heart tissue to solar panels and parts for cars and planes. This type of printing offers significant advantages over traditional methods: It can create new and complex designs, minimize waste and costs, and accelerate production and supply times, among other benefits.


Recognizing the potential 3DP has in fulfilling Israel’s national security needs, the Ministry of Defense chose TAU as the most qualified institution to house the country’s first 3D printer working in the directed energy deposition method. To leverage this achievement, TAU will establish a 3D Printing Center that will unite all 3DP experts on campus. Once the Center is fully operational, it will develop new materials which will have a major impact on national security, global energy, health, the aircraft industry and other spheres. For example, both the Israel and U.S. Air Forces have already commissioned projects for the Center. Now, funds are urgently needed for complementary equipment and ongoing operations.


Donors who believe in the importance of applying academic research and technology to solving critical national and global problems should consider supporting TAU’s 3DP activities.


Giving Opportunities – 3D Printing

  • Kahn 3D Cancer Printing Initiative: FUNDED
  • Mini-CT/Nano-CT machine
  • 3DP Lab Equipment and Infrastructure Fund
  • 3DP Fellowship Fund
  • International Conference


To support or receive more information about one of these projects, please contact your local TAU Friends Association or TAU’s Development and Public Affairs Division at +972-3-640-8249 or campaign@tauex.tau.ac.il.

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