Next Scientific Leaps

The Global Campaign’s motto – “Be Part of the Next Big Idea” – encapsulates TAU’s two main traits: Boundless curiosity and Israeli ingenuity. Put them together and you jump-start new directions of thought that will underpin science, medicine and technology in ways we cannot even imagine. TAU’s role is to enable cross-disciplinary brilliance by providing the best research and study conditions.


Naming Opportunities

Center for Combating Pandemics: The first of its kind, this Center aims to bolster scientific knowledge, as well as improve national preparedness and social resilience, for coping with COVID-19 and future pandemics. It draws on TAU’s comprehensiveness, multidisciplinary culture, and strong links with the government, hospitals and industry, and has 130 affiliated research groups.


Center for Healthy Longevity: Old age is still an unknown country and maintaining quality of life is still a major challenge. This wide-sweeping center will address age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, AMD and hearing loss; psychology of the elderly; labor issues; government economic policy; Holocaust survivor legal rights; and more.


AI Center: The Israeli government has identified AI as a national priority with the goal of becoming a top-five global AI superpower in the coming decade. This multidisciplinary center will leverage TAU’s standing as Israel’s AI leader – and strong links with industry, hospitals and the defense establishment – to help fulfill the academic goals of the national AI plan. Main research modules will advance AI’s role in healthcare, smart cities, security, economics and more.


Quantum Laboratory in SpaceSpace-based systems promise to make possible the development of an ultra-secure, long-range, global quantum communications network, as well as of super-sensitive quantum imaging & sensing for environmental, commercial and defense purposes. This will be Israel’s first such laboratory and could position it as a world leader in the field.


Psychedelics Research Center: An ambitious multidisciplinary initiative aimed at revolutionizing mental health care for conditions such as PTSD through novel R&D with psychedelic drugs.


Neuro-Engineering Laboratory at the Abramovich Nano Building: Headed by Prof. Yael Hanein, the lab specializes in micro- and nano-devices that interface with the brain, such as artificial retinas to restore vision and a novel lie-detecting software that measures facial muscle and nerve activity.


Shared Biomedical Equipment - Genomic SequencingAcquiring an Illumina NextSeq 2000 System could serve up to 350 research teams from TAU and its affiliated hospitals in the study of human genetic disorders, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer appearance and progression, and virus evolution.


Nanosatellite Lab: Developing and launching low-power, light-weight nanosatellites to advance Israel’s edge in security, climate change action and presence in space.


Nano Medicine Floor: Over 1,000 m² in size, this floor (2nd storey of the Nano Building) will be home to some of TAU’s top biomedical nanoscientists, including Prof. Ronit Satchi Fainaro (melanoma vaccine) and Prof. Dan Peer (drug delivery).


The Curiosity Lab (Engineering): ​Research at this lab analyzes the natural drive of children to learn, and its link to genetics, the brain and developmental disorders.


Extended Realities Research and Learning Lab – Operations: This unique facility provides scientists, teachers and students with futuristic tools that harness the power of virtual and augmented reality technologies.


Graduate Fellowship Fund: Master’s and doctoral students constitute the main workforce in TAU labs and Israel’s future scientists, scholars, inventors, educators and leaders. They must be given generous fellowships to help them excel in their research without the worry of supporting themselves and their families.



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