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Executive Summary



Despite tremendous advances in understanding and treating disease, medical scientists are only now beginning to grasp how much there is still to know. What’s needed more than anything is original, out-of- the-box and interdisciplinary thinking to vanquish global killers like cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.


TAU’s Record:

  • Houses the largest medical research and training complex in Israel, serving 2 million people
  • Collaborates with a network of 1,400 physicians in 17 affiliated hospitals
  • Global leader in translational medicine (lab-to-bedside approach)
    • Basic science and clinical collaboration
    • 22 drugs in the approval pipeline
  • Produced 330 cancer-related patents
  • World expert on understanding and treatment of trauma, with 100 researchers
  • International programs in the field include:
    • Crisis and Trauma Program (Social Work)
    • Emergency and Disaster Management Program (School of Public Health)
  • Attracts dozens of world-class researchers yearly to its Summer School on public health in the developing world


Latest Exciting Research:

Trauma: Prof. Yair Bar-Haim, Psychology, is working with the IDF and the US Army to test the effectiveness of a computer program he developed to prevent and treat PTSD among combat soldiers.

ALS: A technique using the patient’s own stem cells, pioneered by Prof. Dani Offen, Medicine, successfully treated ALS patients in Phase II clinical trials; now he wants to adapt the technique for curing Parkinson’s.

Cancer: Dr. Carmit Levy, Medicine, has discovered how to block melanoma, the most aggressive and lethal type of skin cancer, from sending out “scout cells” that pave the way for the cancer’s spread throughout the body.

Diagnosis: Prof. Yuval Ebenstein, Chemistry & Nano, is developing a DNA-reading chip that will enable very early diagnosis of any diseased tissue in the bodyat the single molecule levelusing a simple blood test.


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